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Can you get banned for gambling in wow

Can you get banned for gambling in wow problem gambling council of maryland

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Please remember that our ultimate goal is to provide the best and most fun environment for all our players. Dealing With People VI. The shit did fly, during that week, casino spam everywhere, trade, yelling, whispers, and everyone thought it was a scam right away. This email comes from a digital bookie looking to make an addon that tracks bets based on real-world events. Walk I actually tried that, making AddOns is tough though.

I have seen posts in the past about gambling games in Yell chat Actually you can play on a casino ingame but you can't advertise it for the reason "Trade Scam". **re-read the last line properly yes i guess thats scamming, he may get a ban, but you could as well as it is against the TOS (you cant play the. Could you give an example of this other than just an assertion? permalink they don't get banned. anyone hardly ever gets banned in wow.

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    legalizing online gambling no brainer

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